Pop News: Psy “Gentlemen”

Ladies and gentlemen, the South Korean rapping pop sensation has done it again with his new hit “Gentlemen”. Just like his 2012 dance craze “Gangnam Style”, Psy will get car rides amped, dance floors heated and mobile devices pumped with his comically catchy song.

Psy’s motto is “Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy” and have we got the classiest ensemble for your cheesiest dance moves. With our newest black and silver style 413, you’ll be able to break it down on the dance floor without stepping on any pesky trains or rolling up any sleeves. This trendy one shoulder frock is sure to dazzle on the dance floor with it’s intricate beadwork. Accessorize with a unique black-to-silver faded pump, silver drop earrings and pearl caged clutch to complete your edgy, but classy outfit.

Now you’re ready to dance the night away and impress all of your onlookers in your fit-for-royalty look! Don’t forget to learn the “Gentlemen” hip sway!

Check out Psy’s official Youtube page to view the full MV for “Gentlemen”.

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Pop News: “Paramore” Album Release

Our favorite headbangin’ beauty, Ms.Haley Williams, is back and at it on the music scene with her talented bandmates Jeremy Davis and Taylor York with their newest album self titled, “Paramore”. To commemorate the group’s fourth studio album, NIKA has created a fierce style inspired by Paramore’s powerful front woman.

Going all out on a tastefully all-orange ensemble, style 8051 will help you lead the way as a trendsetting force to be reckoned with. To match your gorgeous gown try using the M.A.C. inspired “Hayley Williams” nail lacquer and lipstick set in a tangy orange. Don’t be afraid to stand out, with this style you’ll be able to fuse your elegant formal in a brilliantly rockin’ color.

Orange is the new black! Orange you ready?

“Paramore” was released Friday April 5th 2013.

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Pop News: MADMEN

Pop News: MADMEN

The time has come for the dapper gents of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to return to us! On Sunday April 7th, “Mad Men” returns in the U.S. for their 6th season! NIKA is celebrating it’s glorious return in vintage chic style.

We took our classic sapphire blue 8092 and paired it with vintage accessories to give you a madly chic inspired look. Try wearing bold accessories such as oversized pearl post earrings and a bejeweled bumble bee brooch. Match those with a proper, but smart pair of vintage Chanel chainlink loafers [with heels!] to finish off your premiere ensemble. But don’t forget to grab your beautiful gold clutch to store all your vintage beauty essentials, especially for our collection spotlight.

We had to spotlight the lovely “Mad Men” inspired collection created by Estée Lauder. If you’re looking for the perfect makeup set for the premiere, Estée Lauder has what you’re looking for. Not only is the makeup top of the line, but the vintage patterns and packaging are to die for. The see-thru blush “Light Show” is perfect for any occasion. It’s a high pigment blush, so you’ll only need to brush on a stroke of color that will last you the whole day. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s in a beautiful gold compact with a vintage E.L. pattern, pulled straight from their archives. The rich, rich “Pinkadelic” lipstick is perfect for an everyday-to-night look. It goes on sheer with a tint of color. Perfect for us girls who love to enhance our natural assets without going too over the top. Last in the set is the nail lacquer “Pink Paisley”. This nail color matches perfectly with the lipstick, it’s sheer and perfect for any setting whether it’s the office, a hot date or your premiere party. This set is a must-have collection that will not only wow you with it’s fabulously bold colors and vintage look, but it will also last!

With this winning ensemble you’ll be the envy of the office and hold your “fashion guru” ground to the other female titans of the series. Trust NIKA, you’ll be sure to catch the eye of your Don Draper.

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Pop News: “The Host”

Twilight fans, buckle up for author Stephenie Meyer’s newest book turned film, “The Host”. If you thought the vampire-werewolf love triangle was heart wrenching, wait til you see the post-apocalyptic, post-alien invasion love triangle.

This fresh-faced cast and sci-fi genre is sure to get your heart melting and have you sitting at the edge of your seat.

NIKA is inspired by the cosmic invasion and put together an out of this world ensemble for the premiere. Style 8018 is a platinum perfection when paired with matching crystal earrings and pumps. Go for a smoldering smokey eye to complete this one-of-a-kind look.

“The Host” is released in the U.S. this Friday, March 29th.

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Pop News: Justin Timberlake “The 20/20 Experience”

Today’s the day ladies! The prodigal 90’s boy band cutie has finally returned! Justin Timberlake’s 3rd solo album “The 20/20 Experience” is on shelves today in the U.S. And it’s about time!

We’ve been teased with JT’s countdown clock, the radio favorite “Suit & Tie”, his 5th return as host of SNL and Jimmy Fallon’s Timberweek. We can’t wait to dance the night away in his “back to basics” album.

NIKA is celebrating JT’s album release with a Grammy worthy gown, style 6054. Trust us, you’ll be a gorgeous 20/20 vision in this golden champagne gown.

JT’s album drops in the US today, Tuesday, March 19th.

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Wicked Glam.

Wicked Glam.

Check out how NIKA is celebrating the recent release of Disney’s “Oz: The Great & Powerful”. Wicked doesn’t look so drab in NIKA’s 3806.

How do you glam your wicked look? Accessorize your nails with some Oz inspired OPI colors, “Don’t Burst My Bubble” or “What Wizardry is This?”. Shimmer up your eyes with Urban Decay’s Theodora palette, inspired by Mila Kunis’ wicked witch. And finally, finish your devilish look with one of Dolce & Gabbana’s lipsticks from their ruby collection.

Who knew wicked could look so good?

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