Sleeve it to me!

Sleeve it to me!

Don’t be scared to show some skin! We know sometimes baring all that arm can be a little uncomfortable (especially if you don’t have the limbs of a super model). But this Fall 2013 option by NIKA gives the best of both worlds. With the
billowing sheer sleeves, you will be discreetly covered but still looking fabulous AND most importantly feeling comfortable in your own skin! Get more fall looks at


Boldness. Modest. Sass

Boldness. Modest. Sass

Nika has revolutionized the meaing of Demure! Yes, you can be modest and still have FUN! This dress has all the right ingredients baked into one perfect dress for any personality! This evening dress features a high cut-out neckline with beading and leather embellishments. And a high slit showcases your beautiful legs! Be it quiet & shy or loud &
bold-this look can give you both-just add the right accessories to complete your unique look!

Let NIKA 8052 show your BOLDNESS in style.

Me. Myself & I…I embrace my style

Me. Myself & I...I embrace my style

I embrace my style

We at NIKA firmly believe that each person should embrace their own style fully. It is very empowering to be who you are and to be comfortable in your own skin. Style is a personal expression and should say something about you. We encourage everyone to step up in your own space in your own way and claim your space in this world without fear or inhibition.
Be bold. Be empowered. Do style that works for you. Celebrities like Katie Holmes and Sienna Miller showcase their own style without hesitation and set a wonderful example for others to do the same. NIKA is a style statement in unique and personal style. We do our own thing. You should too

Check us out at to embrace your style!

I love my…

I love my...


Voluptuous or dainty, have we got the dress for you. Every woman has their own personal kryptonite, but your chest area doesn’t have to be! Let NIKA help you be the best you with our style 8021. This plunging neckline in a deep red will show off your best asset–perfect for the upcoming wedding season.

Don’t wait and miss out! This edgy gown is one of many new additions to our collection.

So make sure you check out our website at for new daring looks.

NIKA Celeb Approved!

NIKA Celeb Approved!

Check out who loves our style 8010 Nude Red. None other than the always classy Kate Winslet!

You’ve seen our Nude Black, but if you’re looking for something hot, spicy AND sophisticated this is the dress for you.

What do you think? Are you with Ms.Winslet?

**To find out more about this fiery dress and many more check out

NIKA Formals

NIKA Formals

Hello ladies!

NIKA is a Charlotte-based brand of elegant formal wear. Our mission is to make you the center of attention at all of your formal social gatherings, whether it’s your special wedding day, first prom or dressing to impress at your 10-year high school reunion. We have every shade of your favorite colors, all of the hottest styles and we are always ahead of the trends for the season. So embrace your personal style with NIKA!

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