Trend Report: It’s Electric

Trend Report: It's Electric

Now trending, electric blue!

Out with the neutrals and in the the bright blues. Dawning the runways and the seasonally appropriate springtime, electric blue is one of the hottest trends.

Bring your wardrobe back to life with our trendy style 8071. It’s electrifying hue and dazzling Roman neckline will pump up your inner fashionista. Style the gown with some matching suede pumps, a simple sparkling pair of studs and a matching faux ostrich clutch to complete the high intensity look.

No doubt you’ll be “blind”siding your fashion competition with this ensemble.

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Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week Edition

Trend Report: Paris Fashion Week Edition

As Paris Fashion Week comes to a close NIKA reviews one of the hottest trends on the runway, “Sassy and Structured”.

Many design houses from Chloé, Vandevorst and Givenchy had their models strutting down the runway in bold and innovative silhouettes. The strong contrast between the strong lines of a power suit and the flowy elegance of an evening gown made us fashion forwards fall in love!

With the luminous dramatics of each collection, we just can’t wait to embrace the warm weather. So here we are spring, we’re ready to welcome you with open arms! And you better believe we will be sassy and structured.

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